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Crimson Red Teddy 1" faux fur is vibrant dark crimson red. The undercoat is darker than the tips, which feature a gorgeous and glistening shine. This fur is a dense and high quality Teddy style fur like our standard line of Teddy faux furs, features a durable knit backing. Approximately  3/4" - 1" length.


Please note: there are two versions of this faux fur, a shorter version that's a half inch length (1/2") and a longer 3/4" to 1" version. This listing is for the approximate 1" style of this fur.


Closeout Faux Fur - This product is discontinued and cannot be restocked. Once sold out, it's gone for good. 

Crimson Red Teddy 1" SWATCH


    If you're unsure if this fabric is right for your project, we recommend ordering a swatch first.

    Please note: All fabric is cut to order and returns will incur a restocking fee.