Monster Mongolian Orange 3" SWATCH

A very unique and vibrant orange color long fur.  This faux fur has characteristics of a couple of different types, the backing is like that of our "Monster" type long piles, these are standard knit style backings with plugs of hair fibers to create very flowy and beautiful drape and movement. This fur also has some characteristics of a Mongolian type, with fibers that tend to have some twists in them, but the effect is not as wild or kinked in appearance as most Mongolian furs and has overall straighter fibers.


This is one of the most unique furs we've seen, the look is perfect for a slightly unkept or tostled mane or hair.  Approximate 3" pile length.


Limited quantity, once this one is gone, it's gone for good!


Monster Mongolian Orange 3" SWATCH


    If you're unsure if this fabric is right for your project, we recommend ordering a swatch first.

    Please note: All fabric is cut to order and returns will incur a restocking fee.

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