Teddy & Bunny Medium Pile Faux Fur Swatch Pack

This swatch pack features our full line of 30+ medium pile length Teddy and Bunny faux fur fabrics! Our swatches include the pile uncut exactly as pictured for easy examination of the fur's full length. Each swatch is also stapled to the card for ease of examining the high quality and durability of our product backings.


Teddy/Bunny (Medium Pile) Swatch Pack includes the following:

  • Mystic Blue Luxury Teddy
  • Lychee Luxury Teddy
  • Berry Purple Luxury Teddy
  • Charcoal Grey Luxury Teddy
  • Butterscotch Luxury Teddy
  • Classic Rust Luxury Teddy
  • Mocha Brown Luxury Teddy
  • Azure Blue Luxury Teddy
  • UV Spring Green Luxury Teddy
  • UV Cherry Red Luxury Teddy
  • Purple Fizz Luxury Teddy
  • Wintergreen Teal Luxury Teddy
  • Cotton Candy Blue Teddy
  • Lion Gold Teddy
  • Dark Truffle Grey Teddy
  • Silver Grey Teddy
  • Tiger Orange Teddy
  • Saddle Tan Teddy
  • Pastel Yellow Bunny
  • Pastel Green Bunny
  • Pastel Blue Bunny
  • Pastel Pink Bunny
  • Dark Blue Bunny
  • Burgundy Bunny
  • Ivory White Bunny
  • Black Bunny
  • Bright White Luxury Teddy
  • Ivory Cream Luxury Teddy
  • Fawn Tan Luxury Teddy
  • Black Luxury Teddy
  • Dark Brick Luxury Teddy
  • Dark Emerald Luxury Teddy
  • Pumpkin Spice Teddy
  • Electric Rose Teddy

Teddy & Bunny Medium Pile Faux Fur Swatch Pack


    If you're unsure if this fabric is right for your project, we recommend ordering a swatch first.

    Please note: All fabric is cut to order and returns will incur a restocking fee.

    High quality and exclusive colors of faux fur fabric is our specialty. Have a question?

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