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Below are many of our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have a question not answered below. 




What is your faux fur made from?

    All of our fur is 100% synthetic faux fur fabric, faux fur is made of acrylic fibers. We do not sell any pelts or animal based fabric.

Do you offer samples?

    Yes, we encourage the purchasing of sample swatches before ordering yardage fabric to ensure the color and faux fur type are a good fit for your project.  Our sample swatches are small cuts of fabric approximately 1-3" in size, designed to let you preview the color and texture before making a larger purchase.

What size fabric cuts can I buy?

     We offer yard (36") and half-yard (18") cuts. The width of faux fur fabric can vary, but is normally 55" - 65" maximum width. Faux fur is most commonly an approximate 60" width. A full yard is therefore typically 36"x60"   We also sell sample swatches, swatches are very small cuts of about 1-3" in size, swatches show a sample of the fur color and type before you purchase full yardage cuts.

What are considered normal imperfections in faux fur?

     We inspect all fur thoroughly before cutting and shipping to you. If a piece is damaged, we will not send it to you. However, faux fur is prone to a few normal imperfections from the manufacturer you will see from time to time, these do not impact the ability to use the fur and therefore are not considered abnormal. Some things commonly seen on faux fur include: writing on the backing from the manufacturer, some damage to the selvage edge (the fabric edge), small holes in the backing, small lines or depressions in the pile (these can be brushed out, steamed, or allowed to fall out on their own over time.)  


What is a fabric 'remnant'?

     We occasionally offer remnant boxes and remnant pieces of fabric, these are usually less than a yard in size per piece. Remnants are often end of roll cuts and can sometimes have small imperfections from the manufacturer, such as marks or small areas of damage to the backing. We will not sell a remnant if there is damage to the front / pile side of the fur.  Whereas our regular size fur cuts are examined thoroughly before cutting and shipping to you for such damage, remnants come to us this way from the manufacturer and are sold as-is. 

Do you offer wholesale or discount pricing?

      At this time we do not offer wholesale pricing. We may periodically offer sales or discount coupon codes through our Twitter or mailing list. 

What are your 'closeout' faux furs?

      Some of our faux furs are offered at closeout prices, these are clearance faux fur fabrics that has been discontinued by the manufacturer, which means there won't be more of that color and style made in the foreseeable future.  These furs are unlikely to be restocked after they sell out because they are often no longer produced.  We will constantly be introducing new and limited closeout furs we feel are exceptional - both in quality and uniquely beautiful colors. If you see something you like that is a closeout fabric we recommend planning accordingly and purchasing the full amount you need for your project. Some fabrics in this section will sell out quickly!

Do you offer custom run fur colors?

     We currently offer a selection of Howl Fabric exclusive faux fur that is produced by us as custom run colors, this fur is exclusive to our website and is not available elsewhere. We do not offer small runs of custom fur at this time, but will periodically post information about our latest custom faux furs we plan to make available for purchase.  Keep an eye on our Twitter for more info on upcoming exclusive and custom furs. If you are very serious about having a color of fur produced in one of the styles we offer, please contact us and if possible we will work with you. Any custom color produced requires a minimum commitment of 25 yards.


Where do you ship?

     We ship domestically within the US and internationally to: Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, UK, EU countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and many others.  If your country is not available at checkout, please email us for a shipping quote or to request we add your country.  We will do our best to accommodate your shipping request if possible.  

What methods do you ship?

     We offer Economy/Ground shipping as well as Priority and Express. For most shipments, you may choose at checkout which shipping speed and price is right for you. For international shipments, we ship USPS and courier via FedEx Express.

How long before my order is shipped?

      All fabrics are cut to order and packed with careIn most circumstances domestic (US) orders are cut and shipped within 2-4 business days, international orders are cut and shipped within 3-5 business days due to additional processing. If there is a delay in cutting and packaging of orders, such as business travel or we are away from the shop, we will post information here or on our Twitter to indicate there is a temporary delay in shipments and when shipments will resume. If you need an Express order shipped rapidly, please email us. Occasionally we can offer same day shipping for Express orders when urgently needed, but please contact us right away.

For very large orders of 15 - 20+ yards, what is involved for shipping?


      In most cases there is nothing special you need to do for orders of 20 yards or less and your order will process as normal, your shipment may be shipped in multiple pieces for orders of this size or larger.  In some instances, large orders (20+ yards) will require multiple boxes and may inquire additional shipping charges. We will find the most economical shipping method based on your shipping selection, this can also include freight shipping. If this is the case, we will contact you with an updated shipping quote and more information before your order is shipped.

How are shipping costs calculated?

     Shipping costs are calculated by the weight, box size, and distance of the shipment. 


What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards and Paypal through our website checkout. If you are unable to pay via credit card or paypal, we can also accept check or money order.  Please email us to make arrangements for placing orders with alternative payment methods.

What currency can I use to pay?

    All prices on our website are listed in USD. Most major credit cards and Paypal can calculate and perform the currency conversion for you when purchasing from us using Canadian or Australian dollars, Pounds, Euros, or other currency.

When is my order charged?

    Your credit card or Paypal is charged at the time your order is submitted.  We will notify you if an item is out of stock or there will be a delay associated with filling your order. If you would prefer to wait we can hold the order awaiting the out of stock merchandise to fulfill your order, or we can process a refund to your original payment method. Should an item be permanently out of stock, we will notify and refund you. 


Have other questions? Contact us.

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