Faux Fur Large Remnant Box (6+ Yards)

Faux Fur Remnant Box (Large) - Contains approximately 6+ yards of various faux fur remnants in different size pieces and colors. 


Remnants are pieces of good usable fabric which have been set aside due to the stringent guidelines we set for our normal cut yardage. Some remnants include small imperfections or manufacturer flaws. Most remnant pieces are free of major damage and can be used as is or fixed with brushing or the use of a hair dryer.


These pieces can be an end of roll piece, off-cuts of current in stock items, or discontinued faux furs we no longer sell. Remnants range in size from a few inches to over a yard in length. Most remnants are full width (Approx 55"-60") but some are smaller sizes. 


Remnants may include imperfections, such as:

  • Creases / Fold Lines

  • Small Holes in Backing

  • Small Tears / Cuts

  • Crimps in fibers

  • Writing on backing from manufacturer

  • Stains on backing from manufacturer


Remnant boxes are sold as is and there will be NO refunds or exchanges for these products.


We cannot guarantee any specific fur, color, or type of faux fur will be included in remnant boxes.

Faux Fur Large Remnant Box (6+ Yards)

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    • Fabric content 85% acrylic/15% polyester
    • Suggested care: hand wash in cold, line dry, or dry clean